Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Largest prime number | What is the largest prime number?

 Hello, in this article we will write you what is the largest prime number in the world.

According to the research conducted in 2018, the largest prime number was found. The largest prime number was found to be $2^{82,589,933}-1$.

Largest prime number = $2^{82,589,933}-1$

Smallest prime number = 2

Largest prime number expansion:

  • 148894445742041325547806458472397916603026273992795324185271289425213239361064475310309971132180337174752834401423587560.....(There are 24,861,808 numbers in this field.).....062107557947958297531595208807192693676521782184472526640076912114355308311969487633766457823695074037951210325217902591

As a result, the last 2 digits of the largest prime number end with 91.


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